Tomáš Tichý’s “Waves”at the GVU Náchod

Painter and restorer Tomáš Tichý will be exhibiting his recent works at the Gallery of Fine Arts in Náchod from May 9 to June 17. The exhibition opening takes place on May 9th at 5 pm, and everybody is most welcome to join. Opening speech will be held by the curator Vlastislav Tokoš.

“The first impulse to my most recent cycle of paintings was a Facebook photo of a friend of mine who lives in Australia, capturing her climbing in the treetops of a rain forrest. I replaced the tree structure with an imaginary architecture made of chipboards that I usually use in my paintings to visualize data flows surrounding us, those we (enjoy to) disappear in. My chipboards stand for chaos and order simmultaneously, as well as for the complexicity of today’s world. It seems that chaos might have a hidden order of its own, and where we see order, chaos reigns supreme…”




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