Machteld Aardse’s animation “The Sea” on display at the Cocoa Factory in Helmond

Machteld Aardse’s animation The Sea and its accompanying art works that are currently travelling around the world will be shown in the Cocoa Factory in Helmond, the Netherlands, as part of the group exhibition GUM, with an accompanying publication by Paul Dirks. The exhibition will be opened festively on March 25 at 3 pm and will be on display until May 13, 2018.


From March 25 to May 13 the Cocoa Factory in Helmond will be dominated by erasers, both as in the objects themselves and as in the symbolic meaning associated with the act of erasing, correcting mistakes, forgetting, forgiving and creating new opportunities. The master mind behind this event and its abundant accompanying programme is the Helmond artist Paul Dirks who will launch his large GUM book on 25 March and, together with another 23 artists involved, will open the title exhibition in the factory’s gallery space. 

Exhibiting artists: Caren van Herwaarden / Femke Gerestein / Hans de Wit / Esther Ijssels / Jan Verbeek / Jet Nijkamp / Liesje van den Berk / Margaretha Louwers / Marli Turion / Rosa Everts / Nico Keuning / Karin Rianne Westendorp / Mariette van Erp / Cathelijn van Goor / Kees Oosterbaan / Robbie Cornelissen
 / Arie Berkulin / Ingrid Berger / Gertie Jaquet / Emmy Bergsma / Ariena Roode / Machteld Aardse / Theo Kuijpers

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