Shining Stars

Lukáš Rais

Lukáš Rais is occupied with creating delicate worlds inside the material he works with. Logically and without prejudices, he transforms the raw material into organic compositions, thereby making it possible to understand each individual part in context of the whole composition. Such a system allows him to create objects that appeal both to the observer's interior and to the mind of the artist. It is a very gentle process, despite the works' effect of massiveness, even robustness. Scale, or - in other words - monumentality, may not necessarily be the vehicle of matter, because a fundamental consensus occurs inside the statue itself. The statues created in such a creative process appear forceful and stimulating both to any observer's and the author's understanding.

Pavla Soukupová

"Pavla Soukupová draws on the traditional values of Czech art, with its restraint, balanced proportions, intimacy and playfulness, its lyrical mood and leanings toward symbolism, and the almost illustrative recounting of various narratives. She is one of those artists who has rediscovered secessionist  ornamentation and symbolism. In her free work space loses its depth, and the emphasis is on strong lines and the clear structuring of the surface of a picture." PhDr. Jiří Machalický

David Strauzz

"My artistic objectives are to utilize techniques such as collage, decollage and assemblage, combining mixed media and re-purposed / found objects as a physical expression of my conscious and subconscious thoughts. I aim to portray truth and authenticity juxtaposing objective reality with the subjective psyche. I hope to stimulate humanity’s innate ability to create meaningful relationships with people and art through direct interaction. Through abstraction, my goal is to challenge my audience to de-isolate themselves, break down personal barriers and initiate an emotional response. he inspiration for my art comes from my connection to the urban landscape and the human experience." David Strauzz

Paul Pacey

While his commercial roots remain largely in portraiture, even his earliest personal work expressed aninnate instinct for experimentation and a conscious rejection of traditional approaches. This sense of experimentation permeates all of his personal work and was fundamental in establishing his genre-efining style most easily identified as Photographic Impressionism. Much in the same way a painter might approach his brush, Paul uses his lens in a similar fashion, incorporating movement as strokes, and focusing less on what the eye can perceive in favor for what it cannot. Paul has recently opened a new art gallery and photo studio in Prague aimed towards supporting the rich bed of talent Prague has to offer, along with giving emerging artists a platform to grow

Vladimír Bachorík

Vladimír Bachorík is a glass artist known for transparent and layered glass sculptures. His glass objects burst with light. They are generous in design, massive in size, yet pure in form. Daring geometry sets a cunning game of unexpected shapes and colors. Toned and encouraging, these objects have a life of their own. Bachorik attended the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and has exhibited extensively in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as in The Netherlands, Germany and France.