Tjaša Čuš

Tjaša Čuš

LUMOS is the moniker of the Slovenian painter and designer Tjaša Čuš, born 1987 in Ptuj, Slovenia. Since her graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 2013, she has received many awards and recognition for her work in painting. She lives and works in the town of Ptuj in Slovenia, elaborating on her ideas about a necessary dialogue on social matters among the general public. She also runs workshops for the youngest, trying her best to encourage an authentic way of expression in every aspect of life. Her works have been presented at various art shows in Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.


2013 • Master Degree, Painting, Academy for Art and Designs,  Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 – 2012 • Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

Awards and Scholarships

2016 • International prize for her solo exhibition in Venice, Art Stays Carnival

2012 • International Prize for Young Artists, Art Stays Ex-tempore, Slovenia

2011 • Municipality of Ljubljana Scholarship for Talented students, Slovenia

2010 • Recognition from the University of Ljubljana for excellent achievements during studies, Slovenia

2010 • Soroptimist Scholarship, Ptuj, Slovenia

Solo Exhibitions

2016 • Woman from the Cover, Mestre, Venice

2016 • Solo exhibition in Venice, Art Stays Carnival

2014 • Woman from the Cover, City Theater, Ptuj, Slovenia

Group Exhibitions

2016 • Portakal Cicegi International Plastic colony, Turkey

2016 • Festival exhibition, Art-Brut-All, Czech Republic

2016 • Urban Art Clash, Hamburg, Germany

2016 • Ex-tempore, Ptuj, Slovenia

2015 • Make up Artist, EXPO Festival, Milano

2015 • Happy in Berlin, Urban Art Clash 2015, ESDIP

2015 • Inter Nation Art, Jan Kage, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2015 • Leo Club, Ptuj, Slovenia

2015 • Served Poetry, Days of Poetry and Wine, Ptuj, Slovenija

2015 • Ex-tempore Piran Exhibition, Piran, Slovenia

2014 • Talum, Company Colony, Ptuj, Slovenia

2013 • 2×19-a, Media Nox, Maribor, Slovenia

2013 • Ex-tempore Carnival, Ptuj, Slovenia

2012 • Figure: Italy vs. Slovenia, Ptuj, Slovenia

2011 • Painting of New Generation, Gallery Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 • Transform, National Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria

2010 • Graphic Art Sofia, Macedonia