Petra McGrath

Petra McGrath

Petra McGrath's abstract work is strongly influenced by life in Australia, where she encounters a different culture, lifestyle and variety of nature. She likes to work with light, vibrant colours, figurative painting and symbolism that inspires people to enjoy life, playfulness and a passion for travel and a positive perception of life.

Petra McGrath is an artist and designer who lives and works alternately in Prague and Sydney.

Her love for art, interiors and career path was influenced by her father, who devoted himself to building and designing his entire life. 

She has moved away from the work of a real estate agent over time and now she is more dedicated to reconstruction and interior design.

Since her childhood, her love has been painting, which she devoted herself by studying at various art schools.

In Sydney, she studied at the Julian Ashton Art School and is currently expanding her education at the Art & Design Institute in Prague, specializing in painting and graphics.