Pavla Soukupová

Pavla Soukupová

Having inclined to the visual arts since her early childhood, Pavla Soukupová took up drawing already at a young age. Picking up the thread of the traditional values of Czech art in its modesty, intimacy and playfulness, she enjoys narrating various stories that take place within nner landscapes of the human soul, among angelic choires or somewhere in the back garden. The spiritual, the naive and the ordinary merge into one in her effortless art works. As she strives to express her inner experience of nature, both on the elementary and total level of the image, her visual style tends towards planar abstraction, reduction of details, rhythmical arrangement of basic shapes and perceptive alternation of colour tones, reminiscent of unstained childhood phantasies.


1974- 1977 • Václav Hollar Art School, Prague

1977- 1984 • Academy of Arts AVU in Prague, professor L. Čepelák’s studio


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 • 10 let galerie S | 10 years anniversary of Gallery S, Pavilon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 • Zdroje úžasu | Wonder, with Kamila Najbrtová, Malá Skála, Czech Republic

2006 • Gallery S, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 • Vernon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 • Obláčky | Clouds, Galerie Alfa a Omega, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

2001 • Malá Šárka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2000 • Sestřičky | Sisters, Galerie Gambit, Prague, Czech Republic

1999 • together with Jozef Soukup and Kamila Najbrtová, Museum Semily, Czech Republic

1997 • Skácelík Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

1995 • Lucerna, Prague, Czech Republic

1992 • Činoherní klub, Prague, Czech Republic

1992 • together with Michal Šarše, Béhémot Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1986 • together with Jozef Soukup, AFT , Paris, France


Art Projects

since 2006 •  running Gallery S (a home gallery), Prague, Czech Republic



National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic

National Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia

UMPRUM Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, Czech Republic