Pavel Roučka

Pavel Roučka

The Czech painter, printmaker and illustrator Pavel Roučka is a well-established contemporary artist in the field of expressionist painting and graphic arts. He has exhibited all over Europe and Canada. In his scenographic works and paintings, he is interested in expressive figural compositions, colorfulness of unusual expressivity and non-traditional working procedures.

Pavel Roučka was born on June 20, 1942. He studied at Secondary School of Geodesy and Carthography in Prague (1960); in 1995 went to a specialized study stay at Académie de Beaux Arts in Paris. From 1968 to 1971 devoted himself to scenography of cartoons in Belgium, since 1993 has worked as a pedagogue and lecturer (Summer Academy in Frauenau, Germany, and Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht in Belgium). Until 1975 had concentrated exceptionally on painting, later on graphic including ex-libris, and mainly to illustration. Still he is interested in scenography, tapestry, in creating wooden objects. Since the eighties he has concentrated on painting, drawing and lithography only.

Pavel Roučka works as a lecturer of courses of painting at the Summer Academy of Arts in Bavaria. He has also experienced a study stay in France and got an award of the French government by the order Chevalier dans l´ordre des palmes academiques (The Knight of the Academic Palms Order).

For Roučka´s paintings the following is typical: expressively used figural compositions, unusually effecting colourfullness, untraditional working procedures. His artwork is represented in important galleries both in the Czech Republic, including the National Gallery, and abroad (the USA, France, Poland…) Since 1978 he has held over thirty solo exhibitions and has participated in a number of collective exhibitions at home and abroad.

Born 20th June, 1942 in Prague. Painter, illustrator, printmaker, autodidact.


1956—1960 Průmyslová škola geodézie a kartografie

Selected Awards

2003 • Ordre des Palmes Académiques

1995 • 1st International Biennial, Malta

1984 • International Biennale in Brno – graphic art award

1981 • International Biennale in Łódz, Poland – graphic art award

1979 • Frederikshavn Museum, Denmark – graphic art award

Selected Graphic Art Exhibitions


Czech Republic: Prague, Semily, České Budějovice, Karlovy Vary, Olomouc, Přerov, Boskovice, Duchcov, Blovice, Plzeň, Sokolov, Poděbrady, Dvůr Králové, Hodonín, Havířov, Veselí na Moravě, Cheb, Trutnov, Třebíč, Brno

Germany: Rastatt, Gaggenau, Zandt, Frankfurt, Gernsbach, Stuttgart, Neuburg n/D, Munich, Pforzheim, Rutesheim, Baden-Baden, Deggendorf, Karlsruhe, Bissingen, Cham, Ortenburg, Konstanz, Lohmar, Nürnberg, Überlingen, Bonn, Osnabrück, Wörth, Viechtach, Bramsche

Denmark: Frederikshavn

Canada: Vancouver

Poland: Warszawa, Szczecin, Łódź, Kraków, Poznań

France: Strasbourg, Paris

Tunisia: Tunis

The Netherlands: Haag, Geldrop

Selected Painting Exhibitions

2014 • ARTAFFAIR Gallery, Regensburg, Germany

2014 • Adam’s Lament, Aspekt Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2013 • Suche nach der Form  | In Search of Form, together with J. Gleißner, Stilhaus, Cham, Germany

2012 • Pocta bratrům Dientzenthoferům, bavorsko–českým stavitelům  | Homage to the Dientzenhofer Brothers, Maximilianeum, Landtag, München, Germany

2012 • Pořád dokola  | Round and Round, City Gallery in Trutnov, Czech Republic

2012 • Jedna a více figur  | One and More Figures, Aspekt Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2011 • Annäherung  | Approaching, together with  J. Flejšar and N. Roučková, Landkreisgalerie Schloss Neuburg am Inn, Germany

2010 • Phönomen R. | R Phenomenon, Saarländische Galerie, Europäische Kunstforum, Berlin, Germany

2009 • Hledání správného kopce  | Looking for the Right Hill, Erste Bank, Prague, Czech Republic

2009 • Carpe Diem, Marbella, Spain

2008 • together with P. W. Lewis (USA), Cordonhaus, Cham, Germany

2008 • Euforie  | Euphoria, Aspekt Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2008 • Dorka Gallery, Domažlice, Czech Republic

2007 • Pořád dokola  | Round and Round, Montanelli Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2007 • Minoritenkirche „P. R.“, Städtische Museen, Regensburg, Germany

2005 • Oeuvres récentes  |  Recent Art, Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

2004 • Barok  | Baroque, Museum Schloss Fellenberg, Germany

2002 • Body Incomplete, Czech Center in London, UK

2000 • Figur im Dialog | Figure in Dialogue, Kapuzinerstadl, Deggendorf, Germany

2000 • Kolik barev, tolik figur | As Many Colours As Many Figures, Gallery of Modern Art, Hradec Králové

1999 • Autant de couleurs, autant de personnages | As Many Colous As Many Figures, Château Ratilly, France

1998 • Na Jánském vršku Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1998 • Weber Gallery, Viechtach, Germany

1997 • Sousední ves | Neighbouring Village, New Adalbertinum, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

1997 • PRO Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Bohemia, Prague, Czech Republic

1996 • Sousední ves | Neighbouring Village, IHK Gallery, Würzburg, Germany

1996 • Sousední ves | Neighbouring Village, Baden-Baden Gallery, Germany

1996 • Figura a pozadí | Figure and Background, Sam Gallery, Náchod, Czech Republic

1995 • Interartgalerie Reich, Cologne, Germany

1995 • together with G. Šaboková, Glass Museum, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

1995 • Atelier Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1994 • Visual Arts Gallery, Hodonín, Czech Republic

1994 • Riedl’s Villa, Desná, Czech Republic

1993 • Figura a pozadí | Figure and Background, Municipal House, Prague

1993 • Jubiläums Ausstellung | Anniversary Exhibition, together with D.Flejšarová, Baden-Baden Gallery, Germany

1993 • Ambrosiana Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

1992 • Platýz Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1992 • together with D. Flejšarová, Ronnenburg — Schlossgalerie, Germany

1992 • Artgalerie, Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

1992 • Museum in Cheb, Czech Republic

1992 • Museum in Olomouc, Czech Republic

1992 • Castle Gallery, Šternberg Castle, Czech Republic

1992 • Astheion Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1992 • together with K. Hlava, Museum in Pelhřimov, Czech Republic

1992 •  Malí, velcí | The Big, the Small, Pod Vyšehradem Gallery, Prague

1991 • Kunsthaus Ostbayern, Viechtach, Germany

1991 • Květy Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1991 • Signum Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany

1990 • Baden-Baden, Galerie Baden-Baden

1990 • Städtische Galerie Überlingen, Germany

1990 • Fauler Pelz Gallery, Germany

1990 • Kunsthaus Ostbayern, Viechtach, Germany

1989 • Regional Gallery Liberec, Czech Republic

1989 • Dílo Gallery, Přerov, Czech Republic

1989 • Nakama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1989 • Parlament Gallery Bonn, Germany

1989 • Kunsthaus Ostbayern, Viechtach, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 • Seno Tráva | Grass and Hay, New City Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 • Blízkost | Proximity, together with J. Flejšar and N. Roučková, MK Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 • Kunst in der Fabrik | Art in the Factory, Wolfgang Niederhofer Gallery, Passau, Germany

2011 • Annäherung | Approaching, together with J. Flejšar and N. Roučková, Landkreisgalerie Neuburg am Inn, Germany

2009 • Two Lines Gallery, Peking, China

2009 • Lakeville, White Gallery, Connecticut, USA

1999 • Europäische Woche | European Week, Passau, Germany

1998 • Česká grafika | Czech Graphics, Goethe-Institut, Staufen, Germany

1998 • Česká grafika | Czech Graphics, Municipal Gallery, Miskolec, Hungary

1997 • 80 let Hollaru | 80 Years of Hollar, Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

1997 • International Print Exhibition, Art Museum, Portland, USA

1997 • Tchechische Grafik | Czech Graphics, Opern Haus, Halle, Germany

1997 • Salon de mai, Espace Eiffel, Paris, France

1997 • La Nouvelle Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France

1997 • Mezinárodní trienále grafiky | International Triennial of Graphics, Krakow, Poland

1997 • Mezinárodní trienále grafiky | International Triennial of Graphics, Toruń, Poland

1997 • Česká grafika | CzechGraphics, Czech Center in Warsaw, Polsko

1996 • Česká a francouzská figurace | Czech and French Figuration, CROUS-Bernanos Gallery, Paris, France

1996 • 50. Salon de mai, Espace Eiffel, Paris, France

1996 • Česká grafika | Czech Graphics, Haag, The Netherlands

1996 • 1. Bienále současného čs. umění | 1st Biennial of Contemporary Czech Art, Písek, Czech Republic

1995 • Salon de mai, Espace Eiffel, Paris, France

1995 • Praha — Paříž | New City Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

1995 • 1st International Biennial, Malta

1996 • 1. Bienále čs. grafiky | 1st Biennial of Czech Graphics, Ostrava, Czech Republic

1994 • Malet i Prag | Painting in Prague, Shambala Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

1994 • Mezinárodní bienále grafiky | International Biennial of Graphics, Krakow, Poland

1994 • Barva v grafice – Mezinárodní bienále grafiky | Colour in Graphics– International Biennial of Graphics, , Toruń, Poland

1993 • Figura v dialogu | Figure in Dialogue, Municipal House, Prague, Czech Republic

1993 • 1s Globale graphick Biënnale | 1st Global Biennial of Graphics, Maastricht, The Netherlands

1993 • Česká a slovenská kresba | Czech and Slovanian Drawing, Municipal House, Prague, Czech Republic

1993 • Salon de mai, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1993 • 1. Inter-kontakt-grafik, Mánes, Prague, Czech Republic

1993 • Malet i Prag | Painting in Prague, Frederikshavn Museum, Denmark

1993 • Malet i Prag | Painting in Prague, Brovst, Hammel — Kunstmuseum, Denmark

1992 • Figura v dialogu | Figure in Dialogue, Gallery in Cheb, Czech Republic

1992 • Figur im Dialog | Figure in Dialogue, Viechtach Kunsthaus, Germany

1992 • Česká a slovenská kresba 1989—1992 | Czech and Slovakian Drawing 1989-1992, Provážská galerie in Žilina, Slovakia

1991 • Papier aus Prag | Paper from Prague, Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Germany

1991 • Dal grotesco al magico, Instituto Nazionale, Rome, Italy

1991 • Nachbarn | Neighbours, Messezentrum, Norimberg, Germany

1991 • Akademie Malá Strana | Lesser Town Academy, Lobkowicz Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

1991 • Figura a prostor | Figure and Space, Center of Czech Graphics, Prague, Czech Republic

1991 • Salon d’Automne, Paris, Francie

1991 • Art Hamburg, Germany

1990 • INOFFIZIELL, Regensburg Museum, Germany

1990 • Česká grafika | Czech Graphics, Miltenberg Germany

1990 • Heeswijk Interartgalerie, The Netherlands

1990 • Czech Art in the Velvet Revolution, Museum of Art, New York Nassau County, USA

1990 • Czech Art, Christie’s, New York, USA

1990 • Laureáti mezinárodních cen | International Awards Laureates, Czech Graphics Center, Prague, Czech Republic

1990 • Neoficiální 68—89 | Unofficial 68-89, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

1990 • Czech Graphics, La Louvière, Belgium

1990 • Současná česká kniha | Contemporary Czech Book, Mánes, Prague

Art Fairs

Art Prague

Art Miami

Art Frankfurt

Contempo München

Art Hamburg

Kunst Köln

Stage Design

1995 • Pěst na oko | Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb, Music Theatre in Karlín, Prague

1995 • Dvořák natěračem | Dvořák Being a Painter, J. Dvořák’s Theatre Company, Prague

1993 • Čochtan vypravuje | Čochtan Recounting, J. Dvořák’s Theatre Company, Prague

1990 • Lakomec | L’Avare, Semafor Theatre, Prague

Art Groups Memberships

Association of Czech Graphic Artists HOLLAR Prague

Association of Czech Bibliophiles

Teaching Experience

since 1993 • Summer Academy Studio in Frauenau, Germany

since 1996 • Litography Studio at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands

1995 • Academy of Arts in Paris, internship


Grenzüberschreitungen | Crossing the Borders, Marktredwitz, Kunstverein Selb, Germany

Licht und Schatten in der Neuen Mitte Europas  |  Light and Shadow in the New Middle of Europe, Kunstverein Eschlkam, Germany

Art Commissions

Equestrian Plaza, Palladium Prague

Tribute to Prague, Mercedes-Forum, Prague

Curatorial Projects

2001—2003 •  Contemporary Frech Graphic Art, Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic

1996 • Fenomén barvy  | The Phenomenon of Colour, Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic

National Gallery in Prague

Czech Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs

European Parliament

Charles University

Prague Municipal Gallery

Moravian Gallery of Arts and various regional art galleries

Slovakian Gallery in Bánská Bystrica, Slovakia

Museum Regensburg, Germany

Portland Art Museum, USA

New National Library in Paris, France

and countless private collections all over the world (Germany, Austria, USA, France, Poland)