Pavel Forman

Pavel Forman

Forman is a figurative and large-scale painter and mixed media artist whose visual understanding of the world was affected by the era of social realism in which he grew up.

“For me, painting is the most important means of expression. I enjoy exploring its functionality in various contexts, searching for its boundaries, and finding out why it is so different from other media. I often use a “nonpainting” approach: spray, tapes, projectors, and patterns. I flirt with the visuality of social realism and pop-art; I like using symbols that can be understood by people who, on one hand, don’t deal with art, but on the other are used to communicating through the languages of today’s super media world.”

Born 11th November, 1977 in the Czech Republic.



2010-2015 • Palacky University, PhD Degree, Czech Republic

2011 • National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

2003-2006 • Berlin Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Germany

2002-2003 •  Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

1997-2001 •  Palacky University, Faculty of Education, Czech Republic


Sholarships and Awards

2011 • National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland – Stipend for postgraduate research

2010 • DIVA – Danish International Visiting Artists Exchange Program Stipend, Skaerbaek, Denmark –

2009 • Award for Young Artist at the XV.Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal – No Return Project

2009 • Id11 – Artist in Residence, Delft, The Netherlands

2009 • The European Capital of Culture, Vilnius, Lithuania – Art-o-thlon, Artist in Residence

2009 • Europas Parkas, Lithuanian TV, Lithuania – International Art Award, together with Die-Kitsch-En Group

2007 • Dul Michal – Stipend for Young Czech Artists, Deparment of Culture, Ostrava Czech Republic


Selected Exhibitions

2016 • Zima Miłości, Galeria Uniwersytecka, Cieszyn, Poland

2016 • Šešublů Show, Výstavní síň Viléma Wünscheho, Havířov, Czech Republic

2016 • Pavel Forman, Herr Korbes, Galerie Beseda, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2016 • Pavel Forman, Boha-Tier, Michal’s Collection, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • Out of the Centre, Kunsthalle Košice, Slovakia

2015 • Zima lásky | Winter of Love, Artatak, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • Co zde sním a co zde vypiju | What I Eat and Drink Here, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2015 • Bad Boy Story – Pavel Forman, Peron Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • Freudenthal Show3, FT Gallery Bruntál, Czech Republic

2015 • Rendez Vous v lužním lese | Rendez Vous in a Riparian Forest, Reistna Gallery, Czech Republic

2014 • Ze středu ven | Out of the Centre, West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen, Czech Republic

2014 • Pavel Forman and Monty Helm, Dayman Gallery, Kentucky, USA

2014 • Freudenthal Show2 – Contemporary Silesian and Slovak Painting, Freud&Thal Gallery, Bruntal, Czech Republic

2014 • 3rd Annual Sculpt EVV Festival, Evansville, Indianna, USA

2014 • Možnosti Dialogu | Dialogue Possibilities, Pavel Forman and Jindřich Štreit, New Town Hall Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 • Zukunst 2014, Contemporary Austrian, Czech and Slovak Painting, Valtice Castle, Czech Republic

2013 • Common Stories – Pavel Forman and Jindrich Streit, House of Art, Opava, Czech Republic

2013 • Paintings – Pavel Forman and David Jedlicka, Dole Gallery (Fiducia), Ostrava, Czech Republic

2013 • Freudenthal Show, Freud&Thal Gallery, Bruntal, Czech Republic

2013 • Trust your Art Dealer, Aero Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 • From Titian to Warhol, Museum of Art, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2012 • Olomoucký hattrick | Olomouc Hattrick, Museum of Contemporary Art, Opole, Poland

2012 • Useful symbiosis, Owensboro Museum of Art, USA

2012 • Rezervace pro Jitku | Reservation for Jitka, together with Dana Mikulaskova, Museum of Bruntálriendly Meeting, Patro Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2011 • Identita reality | The Identity of Reality, Museum of Šterberk, Czech Republic

2011 • 17th Bienal de Cerveira, Guest of honour, Portugal

2010 • Identita reality | The Identity of Reality, together with J. Štreit, U rytire Gallery, Liberec, Czech Republic

2010 • II. Moscow International Biennale of Young Art – Que Vive?, Moscow, Russia

2010 • 1.Ruhrbiennale, The German Bienale of Contemporary Art, Germany

2010 • Pavel Forman in Library, Skaerbaek, Denmark

2010 • Surova forma | Raw Form, together with J.Surůvka, Reduta – Czech National Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic

2009 • Watch out, Academy gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 • Artweek – International symposium of Arti in Public Space, Aabenraa, Denmark

2009 • Art-o-thlon project, together witt Die-Kitsch-En Group, Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 • Pavel Forman and Artisttalk, New poptahof, Delft, The Netherlands

2009 • Ontspoordfestival, Delft, The Netherlands

2009 • 16th Bienal de Cerveira – Portugal Bienal for Contemporary Arts, Portugal

2009 • CrissCross – Young Czech Painting, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2009 • No-return – Pavel and Karel Forman, Dolmen Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2009 • Pavel Forman with grandpa Karel, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2009 • Pavel Forman – Paintings, V Kapli Gallery, Bruntal, Czech Republic

2008 • Identita reality | The Identity of Reality, together with J. Štreit, Mesicvedne Gallery, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

2008 • Identita reality | The Identity of Reality, together with J. Štreit, Castle of Slezské Rudoltice, Czech Republic

2007 • Contemporary Painting – Hunchentoot Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007 • Pavel Forman – Harddecore, JamaX gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2007 • Pavel Forman – Hunchentoot Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007 • Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany

2007 • Identita reality | The Identity of Reality, together with J. Štreit, Bruntal Museum, Czech Republic

2007 • Nase obrazy | Our Paintings, together with David Jedlicka, Sternberk Gallery, Czech Republic

2006 • Fremdkörper | Foreign Bodies, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2006 • 6.6.6. – ich-lieber-liner, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2006 • Pavel Forman – Malerei | Painting, Kunstblick Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2005 • Art Stays – International Exhibition of Art in Public Space, Ptuj, Slovakia

2005 • Volksgesicht und Menschenbild | Folk Face and Human Image, Museum of the European Cultures, Berlin, Germany

2005 • International Biennale for Contemporary Arts, Czech National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 • Tugo Telo, Museum of the City Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

2005 • Votrelec | Alien, Synagogue – Centre for contemporary arts, Trnava, Slovakia

2004 • Cizi tela | Foreign Bodies, NoD Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 • Svetimas Kunas, Intro Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 • Alien Body or Confrontation, International Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia


Selected Art and Curatorial Projects

2016 • Art-Brut-All – main curator

2014-2016 • Zukunst – Summer Show of Contemporary Czech, Austrian and Slovak Art – Art Director

2013-2016 • Freudenthal Gallery, Czech Republic- curator and advisor

2012 • Candiculture. with Monty Helm – painting in public space in cooperation with students of Brescia University and OCTC in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

2011-2012 • Usefull Symbiosis International Exhibition for Art Students and Art Teachers from Kentucky, USA and Czech Republic, together with Monty Helm and Tereza Hruba, US Embassy in Prague, Caesar Gallery, Palacky University, Brescia University, OCTC, Owensboro Museum of Fine Art

2010 • Ruhrbienale – project Happy-End – curator of Czech artists, Germany

2006 • Menschenbild und Volksgesicht | Human Image and Folk Face – Portrait photography between Construction and Propaganda – research and exhibition project in cooperation with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Museumspädagogischer Dienst Berlin, Museum Europäischen Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Universität der Künste, Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Germany

2005 • Sexarbeit | Prostitution – Living spaces and Mythos – research and exhibition project in cooperation with Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg, Frauenmuseum in Bonn, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin, Universität der Künste, Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Germany

2004-2005 • Alien Body or Confrontation, NoD Gallery in Prague, Centre of Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Gallery of Skopje, Caesar Gallery in Olomouc, Slovak Centre for Contemporary Arts – intern



2013 • Exhibition Grant of the Bruntal County, Freudenthal Show, Freudenthal Gallery

2013 • Olomouc County Grant – International Exhibition Project at Ceasar Gallery

2011-2012 • International Grant Agency (IGA), two-year research grant for scholars – Between the Art and Science project

2011 – 2013 • Olomouc County Grant – Useful Symbiosis – International Exhibition Project and Catalogue

2010 • Silesia County – Grant, publication and project realization at the 2nd Inernational Bienale of Young Art in Moscow


Teaching Experience

2013-2014 • Brescia University, Kentucky, USA – Painting

2013-2014 • Owensboro Community and Technical College, Kentucky, USA – Art Appreciation, Painting

2013 • University of Southern Indianna, Indianna, USA – Lectures, Guest of Honor

2012 • Visiting professor at Brescia University and OCTC, Kentucky, USA

2009-2013 • Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic – Art History, Painting

2000-2001 •  Gymnasium Bruntal – Community College, Czech Republic – Art Appreciation, German Language



The Land of Granit Crosses, Almanack of the moravian poetry, Ústí nad Labem: UJEP Publishing, 2012

Of the Sick Heart, together with Standa Toman, Olomouc: Votobia publishing, 2004

Of the Sick Hunter, together with Standa Toman, Olomouc: Votobia publishing, 2001

Zlamrkef, Bruntal: Oku publishing, 1997



state and private collections

Czech Republic