Lyuben Petrov

Lyuben Petrov

Lyube Petrov explores not only the inexhaustibility of the canvas but also the purpose of human existence through the bizarre characters, who demonstrate the power of thought of a being facing the apocalypse. The figures become the superheroes of our future.

Bulgarian artist Lyuben Petrov- Lyube (born in 1984) graduated from the Academy of Arts in Sofia. Throughout his training he focuses on the acquisition of techniques and the production of realistic painting. Today Petrov still uses the formalistic strategies of this traditional approach in his work. He is mainly inspired and influenced by the works of artists Boyan Dobrev, Andrey Daniel and Ivo Bistritsky from his native Bulgaria. After moving to the Czech Republic, he studied fine arts in Martin Meyer’s studio until 2011.

Petrov or Lyube is known to the Czech audience with his participation in ART Prague – 2013 and is awarded with an ART PRAGUE Young Award.

On the Bulgarian stage, Ljube became popular with “MOST” – (2012 Contemporary Bulgarian Contemporary Art Competition).

In 2013 he received the Edmond Demirdjian Foundation Award for Young Author, and in 2014 he was nominated for the BAZA Award – Contemporary Art Award.

In 2015 he made a number of exhibitions and shows in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.„The Apocalypsearium“ exhibition at the Art Salon Gallery in Prague’s unique dancing building. The author returns to the Bulgarian scene with the opening of his solo exhibition in Sofia at the Academy Gallery.

In 2016 Lyube is presented by BCI (Bulgarian Cultural Institute) in London.

In 2017 Petrov returned to his native town in Burgas with his exhibition “Big Blue”. That same year, Lyube published his first catalog “The stuff that dreams are made of …”, which is distributed in 7 large libraries in the Czech Republic including the National Library in Prague. 2017 Petrov becomes finalist of “CBM ART PRIZE” Torino, Italy.

In 2018 Lyuben Petrov was invited by the CBM ART PRIZE of the London Art Fair. In April 2018 Petrov was invited to make a solo exhibition at GASK- (Central Region Gallery) in the Czech Republic.

2019 Lyube was invited by YOUN Gallery, Montreal, to make his first solo exhibition in North America.


26.1.2019 “Plays of Nature”, Gallery YOUN, Motreal, Canada
7.4.2018 “Fata Morgana”, GASK – the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
24.1.2018 “Jezinky a dobyvatelé”, Gallery Peron, Prague, Czech Republic
1.11.2017 “Mantracit”, Muzeum – Dul Michal, Ostrava, Czech Republic
23.9.2017 “The Big Blue”, Gallery Nesi, Burgas, Bulgaria
6.4.2017 “Ledy/Lédy”, The Chemistry Gallery, Coworking K10, Prague, Czech Republic
28.6.2016 “Apocalypsarium”, Gallery Sofia, BKI London, United Kingdom
22.1.2016 Lyube Petrov, Coworking Prague, Czech Republic
5.11.2015 Lyube Petrov, Plevel, Prague, Czech Republic
11.5.2015 “Apokalypsarium “, Gallery Akademiya, Sofia, Bulgaria
8.1.2015 ” Apokalypsarium” , Gallery Art Salon S,Prague, Czech Republic
1.9.2014 “Lyuben Petrov”, Gallery ECO salon Rolland, Prague, Czech Republic
19.5.2014 “Dive into my palette”, Gallery Peron, Prague Czech Republic
13.9.2013 Lyuben Petrov and Edmond Demirdzian, “EDMOND”,Young artist Award, Gallery Rakursi, Sofia, Bulgaria
11.1.2013 “After the apocalypse”, Gallery Mainerova, Prague, Czech Republic
20.4.2011 “I am not lost ghost“, Gallery Stodvacettrojka, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
18.01.2010 “Rabbits stories”, Gallery TROJKA, Brno, Czech Republic
04.06.2009 “New Inspirations”, Gallery BIK, Prague, Czech Republic
08.02.2007 “Sea Gifts”, Gallery Nesi, Burgas, Bulgaria


3.11.2017, Finalist of the category OVER 30 of the ART PRIZE CBM, Turin, Italy
19.5.2017 “Extraordinary Award” – ”23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art”, 2017, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
12.6.2014, Young Visual Artists – YVAA
Nominated artist for BAZA Award for Contemporary Art , Sofia , Bulgaria
13.9.2013, “EDMOND”,Young artist Award ,Sofia, Bulgaria
18.3.2013, ART PRAGUE Young Award – artist under the age of 35 years
27.7.2012, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, “MOST”, FINAL SELECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY, Sofia, Bulgaria


Museum of Sofia City Gallery, Bulgaria
Private Collection of Nikolai Nedelchev, Sofia,Bulgaria
Private Collection, Collett Prague-Munich, Prague, Czech Republic
Collection of Beneton Art- Imago Mundi, Italy