Kristýna Šormová

Kristýna Šormová

The works of the young painter Kristýna Šormová are closely linked to her inner experience of the landscape. Kristina was awarded with the Critics’ Gallery price (2013) and showed her paintings for exemple at Prague’s Nová Galerie (2015). Some of her abstract paintings were made under the impression of her travels to England, Japan, Israel or Peru. She absorbs structure, horizons, atmospheric phenomenons, light and the forces of nature. She builds a kind of inner index, or albums of her experience which come spontaneously to the surface in moments of creation. Although Kristýna chooses to visit foreign countries, she always comes back to places that influenced her during her childhood and to which she still feels related. The familiar places that give her a feeling of home – the place where she belongs.

Kristýna Šormová’s art work is closely linked with her intimate experiencing of landscape. She absorbs into her most inner world structures, horizons, atmospheric phenomena, light and natural elements. These perceptions she then combines into a kind of inner register, as if an album of experiences, which spontaneously surface at the very moment of creation.

The intriguing question is whether this process is controlled consciously or whether it is a result of relaxed psychoautomatic expression, in which the artist is immersed in her thoughts and draws on the previously collected inner register. It is secondary whether she opts for paper or oil as the medium to convey her art. The principle of her creation always remains the same – she strips the surface of everything superfluous as if getting rid of an old sediment of emotions and she reduces everything into basic elements that are in turn combined into random amorphous structures which then become an abstract vehicle of her spiritual experience.

Each of her cycles was modelled on real landscape. Some of her work carries traces of her impressions collected while travelling through England, Japan, Israel and Peru. Even though Kristýna purposefully visits exotic countries, she also keeps coming to places, which had the biggest impact on her in early childhood; she still feels deeply attached to her birth region. This area she knows so well provides her with sense of home – the place where she belongs. She is strongly aware of this affinity and consciously immerses in it, especially in turning moments of her life.

Kristyna Šormová was born in 1985 in Příbram. She lives and works in Prague.


2010 -2012 • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of Painting II.

2010 • Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

2009 • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio Šaloun – guest professor Jan Merta

2006-2010 • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of Painting III

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 • TIMELESS, Prám Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 • In the shade of flowers, Gallery Bubec, Prague, Czech Republic

2016 • Fog cover“, Gallery of František Drtikol, Příbram, Czech Republic

2016 • raku and haiku, together with Jana Krejzová, Gallery of Modern Art, Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic

2015 • Fight in peace, together with Otto Placht , New Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • White nights, together with Karolína Rossí, Gallery Artatak, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • Under the weight of the moon, Café Pod Lipami, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • HAIKU, Stolen gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2013 • Mandragora, Mu concept, Prague, Czech Republic


2013 • 6th Prize of Art Critique for Young Artists – 3rd prize, Gallery of Art Critics, Palace Adria, Prague, Czech Republic


2017 • Installation in the Chapel of St. Anna, Křtiny, Czech Republic

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 • LANDSCAPE 2017“, New Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2016 • Frauen power in der moderner Kunst | Female Power in Modern Art, Rathaus-Galerie, Konstanz, Germany

2016 • Memento Tizianu, Gallery Orlovna, Kroměříž, Czech Republic

2015 • LANDSCAPE, Gallery of Art Critics, Palace Adria, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 • META PLAY, Prague – Tokyo, Czech Center, Tokyo, Japan

2015 • META PLAY, Prague – Tokyo, TOKI Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

2014 • META PLAY, Prague – Tokyo, Gallery of Art Critics, Palace Adria, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 • Art Scene of Prague, Gallery NoD MINI, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 • Dejection of Marchioness de Laverne, Villa of the Castle Valeč, Czech Republic

2013 • Czech Painting 2013, Gallery Fontána, Piešťany, Slovakia

2013 • Unsuspected Space on the Border of Landscape and Mind, Star Villa, Prague, Czech Republic

2013 • Finalists of 6th Prize od Art Critique for Young Artists, Gallery of Art Critics, Palace Adria, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 • Diploma Exhibition, National Gallery-Veletržní Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 • A place, I dont belong to, Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 • Exhibition Allowe, Bezalel Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2010 • Print (ed) Matter (s), Belas Artes Gallery, Porto, Portugal