Kamelia Marandi

Kamelia Marandi

Kamelia Marandi is a Persian French artist. She was born in Iran where she grew up and went to art school. In her first year of university she already made her living by selling persian traditioinal paintings. She left Iran for France to study art in “l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts Université à Paris, France”. During her study she worked also as an artist and in Trading and restoration of tapestries where she worked as" L’atelier de restauration de tapis Paul bert Serpette market over seven years.
Kamelia lived for many years in Prague and still has her studio here.

Kamelia holds a diploma degree in Graphic design and a bachelor degree in painting from “l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts Université . Furthermore she achieved also a bachelor degree in interior design from “DÉCORATION D’INTÉRIEUR École MJM deco Paris, France”.

In many projects she proved that her experience and her choice of education lead to a perfect harmony . …., to fit culturally and artistically to the society.

AT “svoboda&Williams” interior design contest her Project won the first place where she was awarded with the LASVIT Price.

Each of her paintings tells a story and though it allows the viewer to find out her own.

Like for herself, living and working between Paris and Cologne and Prague, she sees no boundaries, no borders and no restrictions for her art, which were presented in exhibitions in France and Czech Republic such as   “Prague art works”, group exhibition and “Art Fair” exhibition in Prague and “Gallery 89”, in Paris.

She started her new collection named “Middle East” with a new technic, which brings her nearer to her paintings and makes every peace personally very close. She paints every one of them with her finger without using a paintbrush.