Josef Duchan

Josef Duchan

The pictures by Josef Duchan give us an opportunity to peak into his concept of union of visual work: elements are radically fragmented to tiniest pieces and then integrated back to a super-complex unit. It is a kind of picture moulding by fractal geometry. The elements have rich colour and formal structure but under the flood of detail we can feel more global, freeing big form. We have a feeling as if the formally structured wholeness of the world could be observable not only in detail but also in its comprehensive fullness. The author knows he does not have to tell the usual stories of perception of the world; since the representative role of abstract forms allows him to be free of emotional and epic burden. Although he does not retreat and insists on his view, his pictures have a unique status in the Czech art scene. /doc. PhDr. Jana Ševčíková/


1991-1998 • Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, Atelir of Graphic Art of Professor Vladimír Kokolia

2006–2009 • Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, Atelier of Art Conservation–Paintings of Professor Karl Streti



1995 • Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, Germany

1996 • Royal Academy, Stockholm, Sweden

1997 • Soros Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine


Exhibitions and Installations

1993 • Obernzenn, Germany

1993 • Klatovy, Czech Republic – „U bílého jednorožce“ Gallery

1994 • Prague, Czech Republic – BEHEMOT Gallery

1994 • Karlsbad, Czech Republic – House of Art

1995 • Karlsruhe, Germany

1995 • Mánes, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic

1996 • Stockholm, Sweden, Royal Academy

1996 • Prague, Czech Republic  – Mánes

1996 • Prague, Czech Republic – Old Town Hall

1997 • Lviv – Ukraine – Soros Center

1998 • Prague, Czech Republic – National Gallery, Veletržní Palace, Academy of Fine Arts Diploma Work Exhibit

1998 • Prague, Czech Republic – Mánes, joint exhibition with Professor Kokolia

1998 • Prague, Czech Republic – Hollar Gallery, Teacher and Student (jointly with Professor Kokolia)

1999 • Passau, Germany, Inter Art Gallery

1999 • Prague, Czech Republic – EURO CZECH FORUM, installation

2000 • Jičín, Czech Republic – Museum, silk screens

2000 • Košice, Slovakia – Slovak Technical Museum, Deep Space

2001 • Prague, Czech Republic – Červená tabulka, sculpture, „Head“

2002 • Prague, Czech Republic – Copy General – installation, Diploma work

2007 • Prague, Czech Republic – Le Court Gallery First solo exhibition

2007 • Ostrava, Czech Republic – Mlejn Gallery solo  exhibition

2007 • Ostrava, Czech Republic – Na chodbě Gallery – Exhibition Proměny

2008 • Nový Jičín, Czech Republic – Hlavolam  Gallery Nový Jičín – solo exhibition Neurons and protons

2009 • Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice

2010 • Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice

2011 • Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice

2016 • Czech Republic Entrance Gallery – Prague – solo exhibition „My World“

2016 • Czech Republic Sbor českých bratří Gallery -Mladá Boleslav – „Nuclear conference about the colour“

2017 • New York (USA) BBLA – Sensitive Bodies of my mind

2017 • Ottawa (Canada) – Microcosmos

2017 • Instalation  in L´Guerlain Institute Prague



Print of the Year, 2000 – Award of the Main Sponsor, Pražská plynárenská, a.s., in category A

Print of the Year, 2000 – Honourable Mention in category D



1999 • Design concept for exterior of the National Gallery building in the Third courtyard of Prague Castle, cooperation with HŠH Architects Studio –  (design proposal, not realised)

2000 • Participation in Selection procedure for exterior of Sovovy mlýny building, cooperation with architect Michal Mihalčík, not realised

2002 • Design project of 13-story apartment building in Jahodová Street, Zahradní město, Prague 4 – realised

1999-2004 • Restoration works for GEMA ltd., esp. colour layout and exterior of buildings, occasionally interiors (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Prague; Na Františku Hospital, Prague; Nostic Palace, Prague; interior of Valdštejn Palace, Prague; Česká pojišťovna Building in Spálená Street, Prague; Small Fürstenberk Palace, Prague; Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, selected rooms interiors, Prague)

2004 • Restoration of interior of Baroque palace Na Andělské hoře, Karlsbad

2004 • Glass panes cover print testing, Archbishop’s Palace, Olomouc, realised in 2006

2005 • Large-format banner for the interior of ČKD building for Šrámková Architects Studio

2006 • Restoration of oil wall paintings in Neue Schloss Street, Heidelberg (finished in March 2007)

2007 • Graphical layout for large scale print – Václav Havel Airport (Marriot Hotel) – Hallway and detail

2007 • Graphical layout – Calendar of Drypoint Association

2009 • St. Wenceslas painting restoration for „St. Wenceslas – the patron of Bohemia“ exhibition (Archbishop’s Palace, Prague)

2009 • Cooperation with HŠH Architects Studio, Prague, Emauzy Abbey

2011 • St. Agnes of Bohemia painting restoration for „St. Agnes of Bohemia – the Princess and Votaress“ exhibition (Archbishop’s Palace, Prague)

2011 • Restoration works for Archbishopric of Prague – E.A. Harrach portrait

2013 • Restoration works for a commercial sector – Čestín

2013 • Preparatory restoration works  in Václav Havel Library

2013 • Restoration works for House of Art, Ostrava

2014 • Preparatory restoration work  for the Embassy of France, Prague

2015 • Graphical work  – family portrait  (private owner –  Moscow, Russia)