Josef Duchan

Josef Duchan

The advantage of Josef Duchan’s work is its elusiveness, unclassifiability. It rebels against comparison, quick conclusion and therefore encourages a deeper insight. It needs time, it needs observation and in fact, it needs the viewer’s undivided attention.

Mgr. Josef Duchan

Academic painter


1991-1998: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, Atelir of Graphic Art of Professor Vladimír Kokolia
2006–2009: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic, Atelier of Art Conservation–Paintings of Professor Karl Streti

Internship abroad programs

1995: Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, Germany
1996: Royal Academy, Stockholm, Sweden
1997: Soros Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine

Techniques of work

  • Graphics, Linocut, Drypoint, Combined technique painting, Pen and ink drawing, Pastels, Acrylic painting, Painting.
  • Restoring and conservation of cultural heritage art work –fine art and craft work.

Exhibitions and Installations

2019: Prostějov solo exhibition Rainbow Gallery – Prostějov LIVE
Prague solo exhibition Vnitroblok – Ateliér LIVE
Prague solo exhibition Villa Pelé – INTUICE
2018: Prague (CZ) Instalation, J&T Bank, World according to kaleidoskop
2018: Bratislava (SK) solo exhibition LIVE, Galerie Západní terasa Bratislavského hradu
2017: Instalation in L´Guerlain Institute Prague
2017: Ottawa (Canada) – Gallery 17/18 – solo exhibition Microcosmos
2017: New York (USA) BBLA – solo exhibition Sensitive Bodies of my mind
2016: Czech Republic Sbor českých bratří Gallery – Mladá Boleslav – „Nuclear Konference about the colour“
2016: Czech Republic Entrance Gallery – Prague – solo exhibition „My World“
2011: Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice
2010: Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice
2009: Czech Republic Ostrava, Smalt Art Vítkovice
2008: Nový Jičín, Czech Republic – Hlavolam  Gallery Nový Jičín – solo exhibition Neurons and protons
2007: Ostrava, Czech Republic – Na chodbě Gallery – Exhibition Proměny
2007: Ostrava, Czech Republic – Mlejn Gallery solo exhibition
2007: Prague, Czech Republic – Le Court Gallery First solo exhibition
2002: Prague, Czech Republic – Copy General – installation, Diploma work
2001: Prague, Czech Republic – Červená tabulka, sculpture, „Head“
2000: Košice, Slovakia – Slovak Technical Museum, Deep Space
2000: Jičín, Czech Republic – Museum, silk screens
1999: Prague, Czech Republic – EURO CZECH FORUM, installation
1999: Passau, Germany, Inter Art Gallery
1998: Prague, Czech Republic – Hollar Gallery, Teacher and Student (jointly with Professor Kokolia)
1998: Prague, Czech Republic – Mánes, joint exhibition with Professor Kokolia
1998: Prague, Czech Republic – National Gallery, Veletržní Palace, Academy of Fine Arts Diploma Work Exhibit
1997: Lviv – Ukraine – Soros Center
1996: Prague, Czech Republic – Old Town Hall
1996: Prague, Czech Republic  – Mánes
1996: Stockholm, Sweden, Royal Academy
1995: Mánes, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
1995: Karlsruhe, Germany
1994: Karlsbad, Czech Republic – House of Art
1994: Prague, Czech Republic – BEHEMOT Gallery
1993: Klatovy, Czech Republic – „U bílého jednorožce“ Gallery
1993: Obernzenn, Germany


  • Print of the Year, 2000 – Award of the Main Sponsor, Pražská plynárenská, a.s., in category A
  • Print of the Year, 2000 – Honourable Mention in category D


1999: Design concept for exterior of the National Gallery building in the Third courtyard of Prague Castle, cooperation with HŠH Architects Studio –  (design proposal, not realised)
2000: Participation in Selection procedure for exterior of Sovovy mlýny building, cooperation with architect Michal Mihalčík, not realised
2002: Design project of 13-story apartment building in Jahodová Street, Zahradní město, Prague 4 – realised
1999-2004: Restoration works for GEMA ltd., esp. colour layout and exterior of buildings, occasionally interiors (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Prague; Na Františku Hospital, Prague; Nostic Palace, Prague; interior of Valdštejn Palace, Prague; Česká pojišťovna Building in Spálená Street, Prague; Small Fürstenberk Palace, Prague; Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, selected rooms interiors, Prague)
2004: Restoration of interior of Baroque palace Na Andělské hoře, Karlsbad
2004: Glass panes cover print testing, Archbishop’s Palace, Olomouc, realised in 2006
2005: Large-format banner for the interior of ČKD building for Šrámková Architects Studio
2006: Restoration of oil wall paintings in Neue Schloss Street, Heidelberg (finished in March 2007)
2007: Graphical layout for large scale print – Václav Havel Airport (Marriot Hotel) – Hallway and detail
2007: Graphical layout – Calendar of Drypoint Association
2009: St. Wenceslas painting restoration for „St. Wenceslas – the patron of Bohemia“ exhibition (Archbishop’s Palace, Prague)
2009: Cooperation with HŠH Architects Studio, Prague, Emauzy Abbey
2011: St. Agnes of Bohemia painting restoration for „St. Agnes of Bohemia – the Princess and Votaress“ exhibition (Archbishop’s Palace, Prague)
2011: Restoration works for Archbishopric of Prague – E.A. Harrach portrait
2013: Restoration works for a commercial sector – Čestín
2013: Preparatory restoration works  in Václav Havel Library
2013: Restoration works for House of Art, Ostrava
2014: Preparatory restoration work  for the Embassy of France, Prague
2015: Graphical work  – family portrait  (private owner –  Moscow, Russia)