Ivan Ouhel

Ivan Ouhel

Member of the celebrated Czech artists' group 12:15 and of the most influential Czech artists' society Umělecká beseda, Ivan Ouhel counts among the most prominent representatives of Czech lyrical abstraction, yet his work is easily discernible from that of his fellows because of its peculiar, expressionist-symbolist twist. His favourite subject is landscape and it's layers, both visible and hidden under the surface and painted with resolute gestures, as if cross-sectioned by a natural scientist. The forces of nature, whether wild and unbound as tropical volcanoes or calm and meditative as a bird's nest, are reflected in vivid colours and reduced almost to basic shapes in order to visualise the innermost forming patterns of nature.

Ivan Ouhel was born on February 18, 1945 in Ostrava.

1968 – 1974 • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU), student of prof. Karel Souček

Since 1975 • public exhibitions in Czechoslovakia and foreign countries

1984 and 1988 • Venice Biennale, Italy

1988 • Member of the Free Association 12/15

1992 • Member of Umělecká beseda (Patriotic Society of Artists)

Since 1993 • in close collaboration with Gema Gallery

2009 • His for-part monograph was published and later nominated for the Graphic Masterpiece Award