Anna Neborová

Anna Neborová

On the contemporary Czech artistic scene, Anna Neborová ranks among notable bona fide painters who know their craft very well indeed and who remain faithful to it, without ever getting stuck in a single style or theme. With every new series of paintings, Neborová opens up new horizons for her own art and for the realm of painting in general.

It all began with a collection. A remarkable collection of original Czech glass – fused, blown and pressed – made between the 1950s and 1980s. Painter Anna Neborová fell in love with glass and developed a passion for collecting it ten years ago. Her studio filled with vases, bowls, candlesticks and various decorative objects, characterized by unique shapes and intriguing colors. While painting her canvases, she was surrounded by the poignant still life of the glass art she had collected, and it was only a question of time before she would turn it into the subject matter of her paintings. She made her first painting of a vase in 2012. It was soon followed by many others, giving rise to a remarkable series that she named, simply but aptly, The Collection. “I’m always fascinated by the way in which the light plays on glass objects when you slowly turn them and look at them from different angles. I love the magical translucence and the range of colors that is created by placing one glass object over another,” says the artist. She adds, “by bringing a lot of light into the painted scene and using a soft palette of color shades, I try to emphasize the intimate, fragile nature of the glass objects.” In some of the paintings, her models are clearly recognizable: art connoisseurs will recognize the pressed glass vase by František Vízner; the fish by Miloslav Janků’s Fishes, made in Železný Brod; and the vases by Marie Stáhlíková and Milena Velíšková, made in the glassworks of Škrdlovice. In other works, Neborová only leaves colorful hints of her models. She performs a delicate balancing act between reality, reflection, and the transformation of reality into small quaint touches. It is with these touches that she seeks to dematerialize the objects, as if trying to depict their soul.

Anna Neborová made her first paintings inspired by her remarkable collection of Czech glass in 2012. The artist, who belongs to the significant ones on the Czech scene, knows very well her craft and remains faithful to it, without sticking to one style or theme. Each new series of paintings gives way to new horizons for her own technique and painting in a general sense (for ex. Contemporary Czech Painting, NTK gallery in Prague, 2012 ; Resetting – other ways towards eternity, Prague’s Municipal Library, 2007). The pictures in the series simply and accurately called Collection reflect the fragile character of glass objects (they also were to be seen at the Anna/Dechem in a Breath exhibition at the Villa Pellé, Prague, in 2016). In the gradual unfolding of her glass models’ luminous surfaces or in still-lifes, we can still clearly make out the original model : Frantisek Vizner’s molded glass vases or Miroslava Janku’s Fishes – in other works though, for ex. Fragments, the painter leaves us only with colour cues.

Her most important solo exhibitions include Black Garden at the Gallery of Art Critics in Prague (2011), Park at the Gallery kai de kai in Prague (2005) and a joint exhibition with Maxim Velčovský at the Gallery of Art Critics in Prague (2004), entitled For All Together and For Everyone Separately. Her canvases were selected for important group shows including Contemporary Czech Painting at the NTK Gallery, Prague (2012) and Resetting – Alternative Ways to Objectivity, Prague (2007). Neborová is also a successful illustrator of children’s books.


1987−1994 • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio Painting, Professors Jiří Ptáček, Jiří Sopko, Bedřich Dlouhý

Solo Exhibitions

2013 • In front of me and on the horizon, Kabinet Střítež Gallery, Czech Republic

2011 • Black Garden, Gallery of Art Critics, Prague, Czech Republic

2008  • In Sight…, Gallery Kotelna, Říčany, Czech Republic

2007 • Two, together with Veronika Bromová, Gallery Ve Dvoře, Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic

2005 • Park, Gallery kai de kai, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 • With Everything Together and Each One Separate, with Max Velčovský, Gallery of Art Critics, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 • Silent Attacks, Akát Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2001 • Silent Attacks, Behémot Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2000 • Silent Attacks, Pokorný Gallery, Prostějov, Czech Republic

2000 • Silent Attacks, Moon By Day Gallery, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

1997 • Oskar and the Others, Behémot Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Group Exhibitions

2013 • Friday the 13th, Aero Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 • Contemporary Czech Painting, NTK gallery, Prague

2011 • Theatre Mundi, Mältinranta Artcentre, Tampere, Finland

2011 • Theatre Mundi, Gallery of Art Critics, Prague

2008 • Selfportrait in Czech Art of XX. and XXI. Century, Aleš South Bohemian Gallery, Hluboká nad Vltavou

2007 • Resetting − Alternative Ways to Objectivity, City Gallery Prague, Municipal Library

2006 • Vlasta and Šárka, Gallery of Art Critics, Prague

2006 • Vlasta and Šárka, Konzum Gallery, Brandýs nad Orlicí, Czech Republic

2006 • Girl’s Dream, Communication Space Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic

2006 • Girl’s Dream, Gallery DUNA TRI, Bystřice nad Perštýnem Municipal Museum, Czech Republic

2000 • Fake Photographs, Gallery 4, Cheb, Czech Republic

2000 • Fake Photographs, Moon By Day Gallery, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

1998 • The Harvest II, Mánes Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1994 • Graduate Exhibition, Prague Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), Czech Republic

1993 • Student Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts (AVU), Dům U Hybernů, Prague, Czech Republic

1993 • Atrium Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic


2009 • „How Far Can the Laughter go?“, Meander Publishing House, Prague, Czech Republic

2007 • „The First Textbook“, Fraus Publishing House, Plzeň, Czech Republic

2004 • „Oskar and Mimi“ (text and illustrations), Brio Publishing House, Prague, Czech Republic

2002 • „The Little Red Man“, Brio Publishing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Prizes and Awards

2003 • „The Little Red Man“, Second Place Award for the Most Beautiful Czech Book 2002 in the category Literature for Children and Young People

2003 • „The Little Red Man“, Golden Ribbon Award

2003 • „The Little Red Man“, White Crow Award