Blanka Adensamová

Blanka Adensamová

Queen of Glass: Blanka says that she is a heavy romantic. But heavy is mainly the glass that she works with, as well as the technique she uses. Still, the work by Blanka Adensamová, a glass artist, makes a light impression. She can do miracles: to capture the transformation of fervent glass material into crystal ice in a fleeting moment.


    • 1967–70 The High School of Glass Art at Železný Brod
    • 1970–76 The Academy of Applied Arts, Studio for Glass, prof. St. Libenský


    • 1996 The Prize of Masaryk´s Academy of Arts, Prague
    • 1984 Promotion Award, Glass ’84, Tokyo, Japonsko
    • 1978 The Honour Prize, II. Quadrienale, Erfurt, Německo
    • 1982 The Honour Prize , III Quadrienale, Erfurt, Německo


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  • Museum of Glass, Ebeltoft, Denmark
  • Museum of Glass, Frauenau, Germany
  • National Museum of WA, Washington D.C., USA
  • Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld-Lette, Germany
  • Museum of Rheinbach, Rheinbach, Germany
  • Galerie Lobmayer, Vienna, Austria
  • Sasaki Glass, Tokyo, Japan
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