Samorost Self Grow

Samorost Self Grow Available

Samorost Self Grow

Petra Nováková - Ondreičková

The word samorost / samorast in Czech and Slovak is used for both drift wood and maverick. It describes a product of nature which under
certain conditions shapes itself and it is also used to characterize a man who breaks tradition and convention. The differences attracting attention offer innovative solutions and a distinct view of the world. Samorost is hiding a biotope, representing a living environment for the existence of the given topic. When the content is gone the shell becomes a biotope itself. Because it opens a space for imagination associated with a question for what/to whom it served.

Technique: perforated carved paper
Material: paper, plywood, plexiglass
Year: 2017 -2018
Dimensions: 100,5cm x 31,5cm x 25,5cm
Weight: 5,2 kg

Height: 100.5 cm
Width: 31.5 cm


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