Forbidden Fruit II

Forbidden Fruit II Available

Forbidden Fruit II

Ondřej Oliva

Bronze sculpture originated in 2011.

An apple is said to be the beginning of all. The apple, not only as a symbol, is following a human from the very begging of his history. Tearing the apple off the Tree of Knowledge of Good an Evil forms the base for the original sin.

I have tried to actualize the primordial idea of denying something extraordinary though the human soft spot for desserts and sweets, as nowadays they seem to represent the literal essence of forbidden fruit for a lot of people. The apple was the first to be served, and desserts and sweets are served as the last course. I have joined these two aspects into one piece. The shape of the apple is made up of hundreds of paper cups that are usually used for serving both sweets and desserts and have a particular shaping potential. I’ve chosen this shape also because of the simplicity of its form. The sign is recognizable and legible to everyone.”

width: 100 cm
height: 100 cm
depth: 100 cm

Height: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm


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