Anna Neborová’s exhibition in Tábor called “You’re Not Alone”

Prag Art Works’ Anna Neborová will be exhibiting at Galerie4Mat in Tábor together with a fellow artist, Pavla Kroupová. The exhibition opening is scheduled for Friday March 23 at 6 pm and will be accompanied by a musical performance by the duo 2EM formed by Monika Krausová and Michaela Dufková. The exhibition entitled “You’re Not Alone” will be on from March 24 – April 25. Everyone is cordially welcome!


Anna Neborová’s distinct painterly vocabulary of the last couple of years has brought light refraction fragments to the very limits of the object world, bequeathing its last touches onto the picture plane in a form of almost abstract, crystalline compositional etudes.

In her art, Pavla Kroupová travels beyond the confines of illusionary imagery, allowing sheer traces of colour and their nuances to affect the pictorial environment in a transparent glaze and through imprints of patterns that, in this context, gain a peculiar, almost iconic character. 

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